Friday, 30 August 2013


HONEY I WILL MANAGE IT! -by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

I was on my way back to Jaipur from Pune, but the train stopped at a very small station in Rajasthan(I dont’t even remember the name of  station) . I was waiting for the train to move , but I heard from my fellow passengers about some signal problem.  I had no choice but to observe people at the station( I just had Elle india which I flipped atleast 15 times  and had no new tracks on my android). Observing unknown people about their behaviour and specially the way they dress(love capturing them too SECRETLY). My eyes popped out  to a lady in Pink saree. She was with her husband and most probably was on the way to home . She was adjusting the pallu(saree drape) continuously and was holding a heavy bag, while on the other hand her husband was standing still with a suitcase (adjusting nothing!). I noticed , it was difficult for the lady, on one hand to maintain pallu over her head and on the other  to carry luggage as well. The only question arises who invented such a difficult drape? I know pre-draped saree, chotu saree ,stitched saree ,etc exists but I am talking about common man infact a rural women, where such ready-made saree doesn’t exists in their wardrope. I think most probably there must be a man behind such problematic invention, because why would a woman will design a trouble for herself. No offence to saree but what about the women of this story, now what does a man wants from her? just to tell him politely“oh honey I will manage it”. The question still remains a question to me, WHY?

Monday, 26 August 2013


-Concept,styling,Photography,hair and make-up-By Abhimanyu Singh Rathore, 
Text by-Vrinda Bachchan(ishtaile&trends@ishtailista)
Model-Abhaya Sharma

This shoot accurately captures the wild, colorful, and free-spirited soul that is a banjaran (ever moving tribal woman of India). The bold and bright colors are an essential element of the outfit and reflect the essence of Indian fashion at its core. The prints have an underlying religious impact, reflecting the designer’s understanding of the status and core position that religion holds in our country. 
The banjaran is so fierce, so implacable and so utterly sure in her beliefs and of herself, it reflects in the clicks of the photographer.  She is soulful, passionate, free-spirited and wild at heart, never staying in one place, always looking for newer horizons. The unruly hair, dark eyes, and stark make-up signify her confidence and belief in her individuality. She is utterly fearless, rather like a tigress.

In a society like ours, one that is growing increasingly unsafe with each passing day, all of us need to find our inner banjaran and unleash her. Hiding like cowards and retreating back into our shells is no solution. We women need to be fearless and confident and not hesitate in scratching the eyes out of anyone who tries to threaten us, just like a tigress.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

BRAINS vs BRANDS!! by GARGI JAIN(Young & Dumb@ishtailista)

While walking through the street markets of Mumbai I asked myself why a label of “ZARA” on your dress is so important that you decrease the value of yourself and the value of your dress is more.
Whether its Mumbai or Delhi, Jaipur or Pune….youngsters are enchanting the names of brands every now n then, brands have become so important that they don’t mind showing half of their ass if  their panty says its of “CK”(Calvin klein). They don’t mind spending 4 to 5k just for a simple Tee with a brand logo on it, it may not look fashionable or stylish but definitely they are “young and dumb”.
Brands have got in nerves of people that they don’t forget to speak up the name whenever they get chance, after partying like hell I and my best friend returned to her flat, both of us dressed up beautifully, she wore ZARA and I wore ummm…..dunno. While changing, half in sleep and half still in tipsy state she just shouted “I wanna take this ZARA off myself”, I couldn’t stop laughing and just thought even after getting drunk what all she feels is she went to party wearing bloody ZARA.
Is it lack of knowledge or too much of knowledge which are making these brands so powerful that they run on profit margin of 100%, are we that dumb or we are so materialistic that we dress up for people more than to please ourselves.
I would rather buy an amazing dress from Colaba (Mumbai)or janpath(Delhi) wear it twice and get another one rather than buying a very normal ZARA dress spending 6-7k on it and wearing it many times and getting clicked in the
same dress.

The war has started between the brains and brands!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BINDI,BANGLES & BEAUTY -BY ABHAYA SHARMA(life & style@ishtailista)

Neha, one of my good friends asked my mother why she was not wearing Bindi ? She asked with a tone of surprise. As if my mother has not filed  FIR of her stolen iphone (even if we don’t have one). My mother expressed her feeling of getting irritated by a small solid on her forehead in this hot summer. They continued talking about how important it is to wear bindi for a married woman and how odd can it look if one doesn’t wear it ! Once Neha went back, my mother asked my sister for a red sketch pen. She said, “People” ask why I am not wearing Bindi, so I should make it with sketch pen- particularly Red, The sign of a married woman! My sister could find one sketch and my mother finally had a Bindi on her forehead.

Haah !!! I was just observing all this and so wanted to say, it should be your wish to put on a Bindi, and it should make you feel good. Now what the hell society got to do with it! But I have seen, society ‘cares’ a lot about ‘society’. I was anyways happy with my mother’s relief. She, now, does not have to care about the summer. I bought her a new red marker.

You can see, how important an accessory becomes part of your own body, once you get married.

And there, I could remember a day when a little ‘less educated’ female tailor asked me if I am married. Hahah, I so wanted to say yes! (I could make many fake stories about my fiancĂ©). But I smiled and said no, I am not married. I did not ask why only on that particular day she asked me this question. I knew the reason- a little black Bindi on my forehead.

The Bindi is silent, but the society communicates.     

But why do I have to care about the question raised by people ! Sometimes I ask myself a question, will I be able to wear a ‘Mangalsutra’ or ‘Wedding Ring’ forever if I get married? The answer is not always very positive. Because I cannot hold onto one accessory for a long run!
But today, I would love to wear a Bindi and  bangles in my left hand. Now many of my friends might think these bangles are going to take away the mobility from my work. But no, the sound and shine of the bangles keeps me alive. As if they are saying we are not yet done with the work. We are still fresh, keep going. And the Bindi, I  was  not very serious about it until somebody suggested me of it, That it will look beautiful on my face. Well, the trial really worked !!

Wearing a  sexy black jeans and  top with colourful  bangles in your hand is a great combination for me!! And an orange ‘chunni’ will make it look perfect. Young, charming, confident, smart and intelligent yet shining and notorious personality. Wearing colourful bangles make me more of myself. Different from the crowd. Why don’t you experiment this too! You must be having matching bangles and Bindi with your Lehenga. Take them out and wear it today with any of your daily-wear dress & go out with your friends. See how it is going to make you feel so different this time.  

Traditionally Bindi and Bangles signifies you are married. But my Bindi and bangles, they signifies that today, I am truly feeling the beauty of my own body today( and let me tell you, I really don’t feel it on the daily basis, hahaha!)

So whats your idea behind your Bindi and Bangles? What does they signifies ?    



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