Saturday, 14 September 2013


Pictures and Text by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore
We have seen them on ramp making every garment special with their high-heeled catwalks , but our country's leading model are as hot personally as they are on ramp carrying their own style with the same persona off ramp as well. So lets just talk about their personal style off ramp(without talking about the labels they are wearing ). And one thing is for sure if putting these images on a trend report sunglasses seems to be the first as emerging trend.

 1. Carol Gracias- The supermodel from Mumbai known for smoothiest catwalk. With pleated trousers and leather belt and all together flaunting 'the cowboy style''. And those aviators adding extra galm to the whole look.

 2.Mitali Rannorey- Known as Bangalore's supermodel her style infuses vintage glamour with a twist. Here channeling laced top, a vintage jacket, black denims and accessorising with statement earrings, cap and the biker boots.

 3. Devika Krishnamurthy- carring the black zipper detail tights with animal print top paring it with a black pullover and those shades making the looking truely exotic.

4.Kanika Dev-  Pairing the trench coat with the blue denims and brown boots making the look claasic and chic.
 5.Noyonika Chaterjee- Country's only supermodel with the longest career ever and still growing .Here the Bengali beauty carrying puffa jacket,denims, boots making the look completely 'Biker Chic'.

6.Neha Tomar And Anjum Faikh- Neha keeping it simple ,playing with the pastels and adding just a tint of bright colors using accessories like red belt and  green pump shoes.  Anjum  making the look highly stylised with a Burberry print scarf on head to a leather jacket, being minimal is not at all Anjum's taste it seems.

7.Bruna Abdullah- The 'Subah hone na de' fame Bruna keeps her style simple and casual by just adding a red wayfarer to have a retro twist to the whole look.

 8.Nina Mo- The Iranian leggy beauty knows all about right style and attitude.Channeling very layered kind of look and all in one shade 'the classic black'.

9.Lakshmi Rana- The ramp scorcher carrying the houndstooth checks over black knit top along with the shinny tights(probably sequinned) looking like a picture perfect diva off ramp as well.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

SHUDH DESI BRIDAL BRA- by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

illustrations by-Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

The wedding season is about to begin in our country and will definitely take the voluptous (the word reminds me of Vidya Balan) shape of ‘big-fat Indian wedding’ . Soon you will see houses decorated like Nicki Minaj around you probably, shops full of wedding attires and accessories, on the hoardings around the city the saree models will be soon replaced by the bridal look models. Shambhavi is waiting for her d-day like any other bride but her plans are completely different from other fashion conscious brides, who are mostly into ‘sapno beend ko’ (don’t forget to watch designer Anita Dongre’s new video on Jaipur bride). Though she has already decided the bottom  wear i.e. lehenga but still she is in a mood to shock everyone with what to wear on top(she is not choosing Jean Paul Gaultier’s conical bra for sure). Shambhavi  can be a perfect muse to hundreds of designers as she is always aware of trends, owns a style blog, always found wearing no less than Aldo shoes and mostly had a style similar to Blake Lively’s character in ‘Gossip Girl’ but what makes her different from the other style divas, as  it’s common seeing a girl carrying a bag ,perfect shoes, beautiful smile and all together making a jaw-dropping image as facebook profile picture (don’t forget to count the likes and comments as well). But Shambhavi’s all focus is on her top for her wedding day. Though she has already browsed numerous fashion magazines, websites for beautiful Swarovski cholis, backless one, cleavage one, strapless one and even contoured one. The more images she observes the more she gets confused.

The day has finally arrived after all the rituals and traditions before the wedding day . The wedding area looks no less than a Karan Johar movie set.The groom and all the family members are waiting for Shambhavi to come downstairs for the final ‘saat phere rasm’ . Shambhavi is still in her room almost ready with her bridal make-up done and jewelleries  perfectly increasing the glamour quotient  on her body but wait I forgot to mention she is still in her lingerie looking into the mirror, her lehenga-choli is still on the hanger and she is completely lost in her own world, her friends are knocking the door continuously . She dramatically wakes up from her own world wears stilettos , wears a lehenga and covers her head with a shiny sequinned fabric and orders her friends to stop making the sound outside  the door and to wait downstairs as she wants to come alone. The brides finally arrives at the Mandap , everyone is just shocked to see her , and the million dollar expression everyone had was exactly what Shambhavi wanted. The modern bride gives importance to a underwire , red colored bra instead of a choli and ended up looking completely like a ‘runway-report’ image. Rest I am leaving upto you guys to imagine , though after all shock moments by Shambhavi , she still got married with the same guy on same day in the same mandap happily. And the last thing I know was  the ‘La-senza ‘ bra was no more on her top and the golden night just had  began with ‘sapno beend ko’ playing in the background. Happy wedding Shambhavi !

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

SEEDHA PANNA-a story of Gujarat saree drape

Pictures by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

THE RETURN OF SUPERMODEL ERA- by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

Finally, ‘the supermodel era’ in India is back.  But wait do my family members (not from fashion) or my neighbours know about Archana Akil Kumar or Preeti dhata? No they don’t. ‘ The supermodel era’  also means that models should be household names, like I remember my mother used to know the name of Madhu Sapre or Shyamoli Varma, back in the 90s. Now let’s talk about why I am chanting about ‘the era’, I recently saw models on the cover of Indian editions of leading fashion magazines one after the other. You maybe thinking what’s big deal to see models on the cover of fashion magazines, but it really is a big thing as our Indian editions keep featuring Bollywood stars on the cover, so having a model on cover is rare in India. Like Archana Akil Kumar who graced the cover of Grazia India, Elle India(along with Rasika Navare), Klick to name a few. Archana is not only on the cover of magazines but also the face of India’s popular designer labels including the latest SatyaPaul ad campaign, Tarun Tahiliani and many more to fill the list. With unconventional features, dusky skin and a delicate frame makes Archana  no less than the next Lakshmi Menon. Not only Archana but a new brigade of Indian models like Natasha Ramachandram, Jyotsna Chakraborthy, Preeti Dhata are no less than a supermodel . They are on the cover of magazines, top fashion weeks, ad campaigns and almost on every fashion image in India. I am really not much into why these faces are everywhere but am truely enjoying to see the new brigade of  Indian supermodels  everywhere, they deserve more than a bollywood celebrity to be a face of each and everything about fashion. No B-town actress can pose like them as these models do ,wearing winter clothes in the scorching heat or a tankini in cold winters. Even the glamorous expressions and killer attitude, no actress can beat that. Definitely these models have won my heart and soon will win many of yours too. Cheers to our Indian models ! Cheers to the supermodel era! 


Thursday, 5 September 2013


Concept,Styling,Photography,Hair and Make-up- By Abhimanyu Singh Rathore
Model-Karishma Singh Naruka

Look 2 infuses vintage glamour with modern twist. It's perfect for cocktail. Just pair a plain colored saree with kurti-kanchli (mainly part of Rajputi costume) keep the make-up minimal and let the hair smell flowers. A perfect match  for modern women royal by heart.

Monday, 2 September 2013

The Royal Diaries LOOK 1

The Royal Diaries
Concept,Styling,Photography,Hair and Make-up-By Abhimanyu Singh Rathore
Model-Karishma Singh Naruka

The story  tells  how our ‘ishtailista’ princess lives her royal life. From putting a chiffon leheria saree for the morning raga to a very decorated look for the traditional functions.  For ‘the royal diaries’ I created three looks, the first look comprises of pairing a leheria saree with a contrasting printed shirt instead of blouse and the pallu is set free without any pinning to feel the morning breeze.